Best Bali Cafés in Ubud

December 27 2016

"Folk Kitchen in Ubud has all the ingredients you’re looking for in one of the best cafés in Bali: an Indonesian head chef with a love for organic food, a Balinese heritage inspiration for its story and interior, and a menu overflowing with mouthwatering yummy-ness." by The Asia Collective

Instagenic Café in Bali

November 1 2017

"Salah satu café di Ubud yang wajib banget didatengin sama celebgram, Folk Pool and Garden. Menawarkan suasana Ubud yang kalem dengan halaman rumput hijau plus interior yang terkesan rustic dan earthycafeini memiliki kolam renang cantik untuk kamu yang sekedar ingin berendam. Sajian disini pun beragam dari lokal ataupun internasional, plus vegan friendly banget." Instagenic Score: 9.0 by Liburan Bali

Folk Ubud Bali


“Gypsy-lusting” in cafe cabanas by the pool

February 20 2018

"Let me continue to rant about this place, the price of each item was beyond unbelievably affordable! You would not think an uber chic and well decorated place like this would have a cheaper price point than those typical dingy tourist restaurants in Bali, ahem, I meant Kuta typical restaurants... It just made complete sense why it took so little time for Folk Ubud to become popular in the Ubud area - mind you they had only been open for a few months." by Travel Mints

MARCH 10 2018

"It is the perfect bohemian spot to connect and gather with other fellow gypsies and share about your best ventures, with a groovy playlist in the background, by the swim-up bar. That’s how we love spending our afternoons when we aren’t wandering down hidden alleys and quirky lanes." by Beverly Lennon on TripCanvas

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