Taking heed from his grandma’s experience at the Royal Palace of Karangasem is what got Roy entrenched in the dynamic realm of Food & Beverage. He loves working with and sourcing from the finest of organic stockists, like Silla Arta from Bedugul. Roy believes that more people should partake in the awesome that is Folk and No Más as it is an experience merging elevated comfort food, fresh baked goods, and a good sense of humor all in and under one roof.

Funny story: When one of his colleagues got caught eating during service and pretended to not know any different, drenched with a sweaty face and searing red palms from eating a bad batch of spicy sambal. And how guests would always come 3 minutes before closing at a place he worked prior, a phenomena he thinks is still worth investigating.

The Clash Act

House Manager

Martin Sihombing

The Happy Chef

Roy Qira

Head Bar

Bli Made