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There’s a lot you can do in Ubud - Trek through some of its lush terrain or visit beautiful temples. You could even enjoy a day soaking in the sights and sounds.

Or, you could just sit under the sun, waste the day away sounding out the best tunes, sipping on slushies and sampling the funnest poolside food amongst some of Ubud’s most exotic flora and fauna.

The grounds take inspiration from the colorful 'masyarakat' (or population) to create a slightly tongue-in-cheek neighborhood garden setting. From buying up much of the locales rusty tin roofs to trolling reclaimed markets and offbeat plant shops, everything comes together to create a space that's inherently Ubud - The Traditional Joglo’s roof and walls were reimagined to resemble the charmingly haphazard and lackadaisical repairs to buildings in the neighborhood. The interior of the space, with its galvanized chairs and aged teak tables, never contrast against the more refined floor to ceiling drapes and artisan chandeliers. They merge nicely with the outdoors through the smart placement of indoor fauna. Embracing Ubud’s first swim-up pool / joglo bar wholly, the crew get in on the act in their Island-floral linen garb and poolside plimsoles. While private Daybeds, Teepees and Decks line the pool, the real winners are the table-tops placed in the water for those that prefer to spend the afternoon firmly in its clutches.

The Surrounding garden takes center stage here - Scoured from the streets of Mas to the Hillside nursery’s in Bedugul, some of the Island's most colorful Flora and Fauna housed in terracotta pottery come together to create a backyard feast for the eyes. The place never takes itself too seriously through a clever mixture of landscape art and a toolshed inspired DJ Booth. This is a labor of love inspired by the outdoors.

The Pool longs for you. Come thru. 

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Inspired by the storied culture of Gianyar province, Folk is a “Rumah Makan” celebrating the beautiful imperfections of masyarakat life through art and design. It cleverly pits together the nuances of yesterday against the refinements of today to create a charming clash of cultures. Folk is located in the heart of Jalan Monkey Forest in Ubud.